Workshops & Trainings

DIRACON provides a comprehensive and still growing program of workshops & trainings. In three different categories several seminars are available covering selected topics of radio communications systems, satellite communications, and IT-security. Various levels of detail ensure that all seminar topics perfectly fit the customer’s requirements and can be adapted to the previous knowledge of the audience. Carefully selected consultants with professional background and many years of experience guarantee a valuable transfer of knowledge in each of our seminars, which will be held in either English or German at the choice of the customer.

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Trainings and Workshops

Satellite communicationsSatellite communications

  • SC1: Systems, Orbits and Applications

  • SC2: Modulation, Coding, Media-Access, Linkbudgets and Payloads

  • SC3: Basics on Frequency Coordination and Spectrum Management

  • SC4: SATCOM-on-the-move (SOTM) Systems, Applications and Performance Parameters

  • SC5: SATCOM Jamming and Counter-Measures

  • SC6: Communication System Monitoring (CSM), Methods and Applications

Mobile CommunicationsMobile Communications

  • RC1: Basics on Digital Radio Communications

  • RC2: Spread Spectrum Communications

  • RC3: Jamming and Counter-Measures

  • RC4: Broadband Communication in Mobile Radio Channels

  • RC5: Robust Communication Systems for Military, Emergency and Rescue Services


  • IS1: Basics and Processes of IT-Grundschutz

  • IS2: Preparation of IT-Security Concepts

  • IS3: Introduction to IT-Security Management Systems (ISMS)